Industrial Design & Manufacturing

We provide manufacturing both as part of our commercial metal product design Brisbane service as well as a stand-alone service.

Our manufacturing capabilities:

  • Deformation – Bending, rolling
  • Machining – Cutting, guillotining, laser cutting
  • Joining – Welding, brazing, bolting, nutserting, riveting
  • Finishing – Powder coating, sand blasting, galvanizing

So whether you’re looking for a partner to take your metal product from concept right through to manufacture or you have a product ready to go and need a manufacturing partner, we can meet your needs.

Our long-standing team of manufacturers are highly trained in their specific area of expertise. Through years of experience, we have developed systematic approaches to industrial manufacturing utilising custom made jigs to guarantee precision and efficiency in our processes. Using the latest manufacturing techniques, we pride ourselves on the best quality outcomes in metal manufacturing Brisbane.

The majority of our manufacturing processes take place on site providing the best solutions for sheet metal fabrication Brisbane and cost savings and quick turnaround times for our clients.

We have the capability to scale up manufacturing for our larger clients with high tech customised production jigging. The result is quality metal product manufacturing right here in Australia.

We freight manufactured goods Australia-wide.

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