Design & Development


Design & Development Brisbane

With our collaborative design and development service we will take your metal / industrial product idea from an initial concept right through to manufacturing.

Our design work is varied and that’s the way we like it. Some of our recent design work includes:

  • bike storage and parking solutions including our patented Bike Arc
  • unique sliding base compressor units
  • sun shades
  • pneumatic powered tyre punching machinery
  • a ventilation clamp
  • paratrike
  • modular camper trailers

Our Design & Development service includes:

  • Complete workshop and engineering drawings to help capture the design intent in CAD
  • 2D AutoCAD drawings in colour and black and white
  • 3D CAD outputs allowing you to interact with your design on screen
  • Consultation and review of prototypes, addressing any design issues
  • Production of a full scale prototype
  • Collaboration with an engineer to approve 2D and 3D drawings and provide and engineering report when required

Our team are experts in industrial metal design Brisbane and always design with the final manufacture of your concept in mind. We integrate our experience in fabrication and manufacturing with the skills of our partner imdrafting services to provide CAD drawing expertise. The result is an end product is both intelligently designed and commercially viable.

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