Manufacturing vs. Mass Manufacturing

Manufacturing vs. Mass Manufacturing


The question we ask is, is it better to manufacture an industrial metal product as a single unit or in mass? To answer this question let’s first look at what manufacturing and mass manufacturing are in their fundamental forms.


What is manufacturing?

Manufacturing of industrial metal products refers to construction of an end product from raw materials. The term ‘end product’ implying that the product it is equipped for use or sale at the end of the manufacturing process.
The manufacturing of a metal product design can in fact be completed by hand, however completion of this type of product is commonly aided with the help of an array of machinery.
The raw materials which metal products are manufactured from can include mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium etc. Every unique metal product which is produced will require an array of systematic manufacturing processes to be applied to construct the innovative metal product and get it to a stage where it is usable and ready for its intended end use or application.


What is mass manufacturing or mass production?

As the word manufacturing means the production of ‘an’ end product, it’s only noticeable that the term mass manufacturing would refer to the production of said product in large quantities.
At Cobra Industrial Design we provide industrial design and manufacturing of product’s and have the ability to provide mass manufacturing Brisbane. When we mass produce a product essential planning and techniques including division of labour is utilised in a batch production method to achieve maximum work flow.
We advise our clients to place large quantity orders rather than ‘one-off’ product orders as mass manufacturing a standardised product has an array of advantages which are beneficial to our clients when manufacturing Brisbane.

When manufacturing innovative metal products in mass using the applicable methods of mass production the advantages of such methods can be acquired by all parties including but not limited to the manufacturer, the seller and the consumer.

Advantages for the Manufacturer

When mass producing a product methods that can be resourceful within the construction of said product are introduced into the planned manufacturing processes to help reduce labor costs and increase the rate or pace of production.

Some of the methods utilised to gain these advantages in innovative metal product manufacturing can include:
– Automated processes; which involves the integration of technology reducing the costs of labor and increasing the rate of production.

– Jigs, Fixtures etc; which are essentially transposable parts tailor built to suit a specific product and used to increase the precision of the final product and again aiding in reducing the cost of labor.
As a product manufacturer ourselves we see first-hand these benefits of mass production and when products are produced in mass utilising these techniques we have the opportunity to decrease the price per unit and pass this saving onto the seller / re-seller.

Advantages for the Seller

Not only can the seller / re-seller reap the benefits of decreased price per unit of a prodcut manufactured through methods of mass production but other benefits can be obtained as well. As mentioned, products that are produced in mass are often assembled or constructed at a faster pace, this aspect is beneficial for the seller as it essentially means that the re-seller can deliver products to the end consumer in a timely manner, which can therefore create a competitive advantage for the seller in their marketplace.

Advantages for the Consumer

A timely delivery and cost savings along the way are both aspects of the mass manufacturing processes that can (if decided) be passed onto the consumer as well.


So, as a question of manufacturing vs. mass manufacturing… we suggest you aim to manufacture your products in mass! As, if you can order your metal products to be produced in mass, you and your consumer can reap the benefits!


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